Infinity Arcade
Infinity Arcade

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Infinity Arcade?

Infinity Arcade is an experiment in AI and game design.

  • ChatGPT generates game concepts and the game engine
  • StableDiffusion generates the game art

The big idea is a sufficiently advanced LLM (like ChatGPT), can replace a text-game engine. Learn more at Infinity Arcade and Sparks of Generative Video Games.

Is Infinity Arcade free?

Infinity Arcade is free to play, and I'll do my best to keep it that way. The site may have ads in the future.

You can Go Pro for $8 to unlock extra features, stay ad free and support the site.

Also Infinity Arcade is open source so you can download it to your computer and play any way you want.

How do I generate a video game?

Who made Infinity Arcade?

Infinity Arcade was made by The Maximalist.

Read about to learn more.